Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Uniterra/WUSC Conference in Ottawa

The annual Uniterra conference was held in Ottawa once again this August. Robyn (one of the two fabulous co-chairs for the upcoming year) attended the three day event which looked at the following:
- promoting fair trade on campus
- the millennium development goals
- the millennium pledge
- the bike for AIDS campaign
- Make Poverty History
- improving communications with other WUSC chapters
- improving communications for advertising
- working with the media
-Funding for the student refugee program
- Promoting WUSC on campus
- BIG changes to the WUSC budget
- Increasing the role and responisiblity of the WUSC Local Committees

There were 53 delegates at this years conference - all of whom were enthusiastic about the idea of working together. This means that there is a good chance we might collaborate on some projects with universities from across the country.

We wont have to do ALL of the proposed events for the year. However, the items in bold are pressing issues which we can work together on to develop new creative intitiatives. YAY!


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