Saturday, December 02, 2006

Candle Light Vigil

To commemorate World Aids Day on December 1st, WUSC joined forces with the African Caribbean Association to lead a candle light vigil outside of the SUB at dusk. With candles placed in the snow to signify our remembrance, we were inspired by three speakers who shared their tales of HIV/AIDS activism

Gallery Night for Aids Week

DJ Bakumba and Mmeli once again joined forces to support a great cause - this time spinning beats Oxfam's World Aids Day fundraiser!

Make Poverty History Campaign

Although not exactly on October 17th, WUSC UBC still remained determined to hold a Make Poverty History Campaign. Instead of fundaising, we petitioned our government to enusr the next federal budget includes measures that contribute to making povery history by increasing canadian aid by 18% annually and committing to a plan to meet the internationally agreed target for aid spending of 0.7% of Gross National Income by 2015.

The campaign consisted of setting up a booth in the SUB and encouraging students to trace their hands and sign their names on huge rolls of white paper which were sent to parliament

Botswana Calander

As many of you know, the Student Refugee Program at UBC (managed through WUSC), sponsors approximately 2-3 refugee students to come study at UBC each year. Each refugee is sponsored by a WUSC group on campus that raises the necessary funds to support the student for one year and negotiates with their college or university to waive tuition, residence fees or donate other items. The onlyprogram of its kind in Canada, the SRP enables individual refugees to pursue their education and a better life in an environment free of violence or fear. At the same time it offers students and faculty onCanadian campuses a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about refugee and development issues. Unfortunately, because of loss of funding, this year UBC students need to raise $7500.00"

How are we gonna do this? By selling a whole lot of calanders - organized by the FABULOUS Laura Ashley Wright
Calendars are $15 (tax and everything included), and the attached photos do not do it justice!
Please HELP us meet our goal, and enjoy a beautiful token of an amazing African country in the process!

If you’re interested in purchasing a calendar, please email WUSC UBC at:

Annual Assembly in Ottawa